Freewing Technology

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The "Floating" Wings That Automatically Cancel Turbulence

The Freewing Tilt-Body technology includes a series of inventions, for which the Company holds United States and international patents (now expired). Aircraft utilizing pivoting wing technology have a hinged wing that allows them to adjust automatically to most wind changes, thermal air currents and other causes of air turbulence. As a result, pivoting wing aircraft are less sensitive to air turbulence, creating a more stable ride than conventional fixed wing aircraft.

Furthermore, pivoting wing aircraft are resistant to in-flight wing stalls, which are a major cause of aviation accidents, because their freely hinged wings automatically adjust to changes in the relative positions of the plane and the wind.

NOTE: This Freewing Aerial Robotics website is vestigial, and is provided for informational purposes only. In 2005, Freewing founder and inventor Hugh Schmittle moved on to launch
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In these pages you'll also learn how the freewings let the body tilt to vector thrust

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